Happy [belated] Assumption of Mary Day!

If you’re a good catholic, you probably know that August 15th is the Assumption of Mary (and a holy day of obligation). I was raised Catholic but am no longer practicing therefore, by definition I suppose, quite a bad Catholic. Either way, I was unaware that August 15th was Assumption Day and in fact, a Spanish national holiday. The holiday was observed on Monday, the 16th. Our language school was closed for the occasion so we had the whole day free. We decided to visit Mirador Parque de La Providencia. If you read my post about the nude beach, the Mirador de La Providencia is where we were heading when we decided to stop at the beach instead.

We knew the parque was quite a far walk so we decided to take the bus there and then walk back. The bus rode us to north east Gijon, up up the hills we went, past large homes, and a couple of hotels. We hopped off the bus in a residential area and made the short walk to a stone path that hugs the coastline (a continuation of the city’s paseo maratimo along San Lorenzo Beach).

The parque was about a 20-minute walk from the bus stop. It was supposed to be cloudy all day but the sun was shining brightly (I still have a rather unfortunate sunburn in my hairline as evidence). The view of the water from along the clifftop path was glorious; the water various shades of blue. We stopped at the hotel La Colina to enjoy a cold beverage on their patio before carrying on. The hotel is very charming and in an ideal location.

Photo of the hotel that I borrowed from expedia.com

The Mirador la Providencia is a monument in the center of the park. Unlike most of the statutes and monuments we’ve seen in Gijon, I felt that Mirador La Providencia more visually pleasing at a distance. It reminded me of the bow of a large ship. The park was quite inviting with its rolling green hills and more beautiful sea views including the isle of Tortuga that lay just a few feet offshore. We spread out a blanket and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the grass, overlooking the water, before carrying on.

The walk home was primarily down hill and seemed much easier and quicker than our previous walk to Playa Peñarrubia, which we passed on the way home. Why, when people say, “things are going downhill” does it imply things are bad? Walking downhill is waaaaay better than uphill. I’ll take downhill any day.

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American expat living in Gijon, Asturias, Spain

3 thoughts on “Happy [belated] Assumption of Mary Day!

  1. I am curious about the concrete stairs, was there a lighthouse, a home or ?? I like the picture of you and Phil. I like the look of your hair reminds me of princess Leia in Star Wars.


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