An evening in Frankfurt

Phil and I arrived in Frankfurt around 5pm. We had booked a hotel near the train station as we had to take an early train to the airport the next morning to catch our 7:30am flight to Budapest. We stopped by the hotel, dropped our bags, and set out to see a bit of Frankfurt.

We walked along the Main river, through a park full of folks enjoying the evening. We came to Römerberg, a lovely public square where folks were singing, chanting, and waving German flags. A small stage had been erected and people were speaking into a microphone, energizing the crowd. We found a table outside of a nearby bierhaus, ordered a couple of beers, and watched the celebration.

A quick google search revealed that the German Women’s Soccer team had finished second place in the European Cup the previous day. I recalled our friend Katie mentioning the day before that a few bars and restaurants near her small German town were open that day (which was a Sunday), outside of normal business hours, because of a soccer match. I wish the US celebrated women’s sports the way these folks were (for a second place win no less). It was really cool to see.

After finishing our beers we set out to find some food. We found Zu den 12 Aposteln, a highly rated German restaurant and brewery. We were very hungry after our day of travel and not having had a proper meal since breakfast. We ordered the Frankfurther platter for two and it did not disappoint. Holy moly. It consisted of two different types of sausages, schnitzel, “meatloaf” which was kind of like grilled spam with a sunny side up egg on top, crispy pork knucle, with sauerkraut and potatoes. It was a-mazing. I can’t believe we finished almost the whole thing with the exception of a few potatoes and a bit of sauerkraut. We washed it all down with a couple of beers as well.

I told Phil several times that I couldn’t believe I wasn’t miserable after eating all of that food. Well, about ten minutes after leaving, the misery kicked in so we decided to try to walk off the fullness. We saw some really cool buildings during our walkabout of the city.

Unfortunately we had to call it an early night because of our flight the next day. Given our short time in Frankifurt, I think we made the most of it. It was a great few hours and what a feast we enjoyed!

Next up: Budapest!

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