Palmera de chocolate: A love story

Palmera de chocolate. Palmerita de chocolate. A chocolate palm. Whatever you call them, I’ll take two! I frequent the panaderia (bread shop/bakery) near our apartment. One of the first times I went in, in addition to my bread order, I pointed to the palmeritas (palmeritas are smaller, palm-sized versions of palmeras) and said, “dos chocolateContinue reading “Palmera de chocolate: A love story”

Jess learns Spanish (a work in progress)

I told a friend recently, “I didn’t think learning a second language at the age of 42 would be easy peasy” …but maybe I did. Or, more accurately, I didn’t really think about it intently. It was something future Jess would have to deal with, something I said and even believed without contemplating what itContinue reading “Jess learns Spanish (a work in progress)”

Churros! The good, the bad, and the ugly. Just kidding, they are all good.

Since we’ve arrived in Gijon, I have eaten churros a handful of times and not once have I regretted ordering them. In fact, I am a little nervous that anytime we pop into a cafe for a snack or desayuno (Spainsh for breakfast) and they are a menu option, I will order them above allContinue reading “Churros! The good, the bad, and the ugly. Just kidding, they are all good.”

Hot, cold, and sweaty

We knew it would be rainy and we were vale (Spanish word for ok) with the rain. Now Gijon is extremely humid, as rain allows for the lush greenery that is Asturias. We were spoiled in Southern California with almost no humidity. We could go on a moderate intensity hike and not even break aContinue reading “Hot, cold, and sweaty”

Cachopo de Ternera: A signature dish of Asturias

I love trying new food. I also believe when you’re in Rome (go on…), you should do as the Romans do so while in Asturias, I shall do as the Asturians do. A traditional Austrian dish throughout Gijon is called Cachopo. Cachopo consists of ham and cheese sandwiched between two large veal fillets, then breadedContinue reading “Cachopo de Ternera: A signature dish of Asturias”

A rainy Saturday at the Museum

Today Phil and I visited the Museu del Pueblu d’Asturies (the museum of Asturias). Asturias is the larger region and autonomous community we reside in in Spain (similar to a US state) and Gijon is the city we live in in Asturias. The museum was a rainy, half hour walk from our place. I knewContinue reading “A rainy Saturday at the Museum”

It’s Friday, we ain’t got no jobs…

It is amazing how busy we seem to be with basically no commitments or schedule we have to adhere to. We left the apartment this morning around noon (hey, that’s not morning) with the goal of going to the Tourist Information center. Even though we’re not “tourists” we still want to immerse ourselves in theContinue reading “It’s Friday, we ain’t got no jobs…”

What brought me to Spain? Many, little leaps of faith.

There’s no reward without risk. Phil likes to remind me of this. I don’t consider myself a risky person. Quite the opposite. I’m quiet, shy, and prone to anxiety. These, however, are my default settings as I have the power to think and behave differently and often do. I grew up in rural Missouri. HaveContinue reading “What brought me to Spain? Many, little leaps of faith.”

Eat, eat, eat and walk, walk, walk

In 2019 Phil and I visited his cousin, Sandra, in Raiano, Italy. We talked about traveling and she said when she travels through Europe with friends all they do is “eat, eat, eat and walk, walk, walk,” and said in her Italian accent was extra charming. Phil and I don’t have a car in SpainContinue reading “Eat, eat, eat and walk, walk, walk”